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Washable Wet Wipes by Cheeky Wipes
Washable Wet Wipes by Cheeky Wipes
Washable Wet Wipes by Cheeky Wipes
Washable Wet Wipes by Cheeky Wipes
Washable Wet Wipes by Cheeky Wipes
Washable Wet Wipes by Cheeky Wipes

Washable Wet Wipes by Cheeky Wipes

Plastic Free
Zero Waste

Alternative for: disposable wet wipes (which are normally made of plastic)

Washable wet wipes are a good zero waste solution and ones made of natural material have the added benefit of not shedding any microplastics when washed. These particular wipes from Cheeky Wipes are made of organic cotton. 

Packaging: Laminated paper band. Shipped in bioplastic polybag. 

End of Life: Biodegradable  

 Recommended by Isabel M.

"We use the Organic Rainbow Premium Cotton Terry Cloth Washable Baby Wipes. These reusable wipes continue to wash really well. They are nice and thick so great for cleaning up messy faces, hands and bums of all ages!"


  • 100% plastic free
  • Wipes clean up messes really well and so you end up using less wipes per clean
  • Wipes wash well and stay soft, thick and fluffy so kinder to skin
  • Last ages and ages so will save money in the long-run 


  • Washable wipes will add to your laundry and does require a routine to maintain, but this is minimal once you have it figured out
  • Shipped in a bioplastic polybag (last ordered Aug 2018)


These wipes are available in packs of 10, 25 or 40, and cost from 63p wipe.

Where to Buy...

Available online direct from Cheeky Wipes.

We have tested: Organic Rainbow Premium Cotton Terry Cloth Washable Baby Wipes

NOTE: Cheeky Wipes do a wide range of wipes, but watch out for wipes made of synthetic materials, such as polyester, often labelled as 'microfibre'. These fabrics are actually plastic and release hundreds of microplastics with each wash. Cotton and/or bamboo are best.


  • These wipes can be put in washes up to 40 degrees and have cleaned well with just the Ecoegg
  • Be careful not to wash these wipes with anything which might pull a thread as the wipes may unravel; bibs with Velcro fastening can be particularly problematic!
  • They are suitable for the tumble drier or just use straight from the wash
  • For hands and faces:
    • If at home, I tend to run a couple of wet wipes under the tap just before use (e.g. as we sit down to eat) but you can also store them soaking in a tub filled with water and essential oil. There are details on the Cheeky Wipes website and they also sell tub and essential oil kits. 
    • For out and about a larger wet bag is a good idea so you can wet the wipes before you go. I have used this cloth wet bag from Acala.
    • It's best to remove as much of the mess as possible from the wipes after use - a nail brush might help if you have particularly sticky messes (e.g. congealed Weetabix!)
    • It's important to remove as much food as possible before putting into your washing machine
    • While waiting for a load, store in a tub with a lid (this can be dry, no need to soak)
    • I normally wash wipes with towels, but they can be added to any wash up to 40 degrees with your normal laundry detergent. 

This information is provided as a guide only and is accurate to the best of our knowledge.

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