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Body Wash Tips

Body Wash Tips

Reduce Plastic

Can't give up the shower gel? If you really don't get on with barred soap here are some ways to reduce plastic waste and continue to use body wash.

Option #1

Some zero waste stores stock refills for body wash by Faith in Nature or Evolve Beauty where you can take your own container to reuse.

Check for stockists or the manufacturer's website. 

Option #2

Consider buying body wash in bulk: 1 x 5 litre plastic bottle uses less plastic than 10 x 500ml bottles, and is easier to reuse a bigger bottle before recycling.

For example, eco brand Faith in Nature is available in 5 litre bottles from

Option #3

Look for brands that use 100% recycled plastic in their packaging.

For example, Love Beauty and Planet is available in many supermarkets and makes their bottles from 100% recycled plastic so at least this reduces the amount of new plastic used. 


  • Put liquid body wash into a bottle with a pump dispenser - it will reduce the amount you use with each shower. 

This information is provided as a guide only and is accurate to the best of our knowledge.

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