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Concentrated Washing Up Liquid by Slosh

Concentrated Washing Up Liquid by Slosh

Reduce Plastic
Made in the UK
Cruelty Free

Alternative for: washing up liquid in a single-use plastic bottle

Splosh offer a number of biodegradable cleaning products using a system of concentrated refill pouches which significantly reduces single-use plastic waste. Each concentrated refill pouch of washing up liquid provides enough solution to make up 3 x 420ml bottles by adding the correct amount of water at home.

Packaging: Refills are packaged in plastic pouches. Shipped in cardboard boxes.

End of Life: Empty refills pouches can be returned by Freepost to Splosh for recycling in the original cardboard packaging. You can fit at least 4 pouches in one box, so the other cardboard boxes can be recycled. The boxes are sent with return label stickers making it easy to return, but then you are left with the label backing paper which isn't recyclable.

 Recommended by Isabel M.

"This is an easy swap to quickly reduce your plastic waste with little effort. The pouches fit through your letter box and there is an app for easy reordering. However, the Splosh liquid is easy to make up from the concentrate and, most importantly, washes well."


  • Reduces plastic waste by 90%, compared to bottled products
  • Concentrated refill pouches are small enough to be delivered through your letter box and have free delivery
  • Ingredients are non-toxic and mainly plant-derived
  • Plastic pouches can be returned to Splosh for recycling
  • Reduced carbon footprint compared to non-concentrated liquids


  • If you are switching from an alternative eco brand the price difference isn't too bad, but from other brands it is quite a difference and it may be better to consider buying washing up liquid in 5ltr bottles instead. For a price comparison please see below.
  • The bubbles don't last as long as leading commercial brands and you need slightly more liquid per washing up bowl


39p per 100ml

This is compared to Fairy original ~19.5p per 100ml and eco-brand Ecover ~28.9p per 100ml.

Where to Buy...

Buy directly from Splosh

It is possible to just order the refills - you don't have to buy the reusable bottles from Splosh.

We tried the Lime one, but it is also available in Grapefruit and Pomegranate.


  • When placing your first order Splosh encourages you to order their reusable bottles, but it is possible to just order the concentrated refill pouches and use a bottle you already own. There are details of dilution ratios on the Slopsh FAQ page
  • Make up your washing up liquid in a bottle with a pump top - this will reduce the amount of liquid you use each time

This information is provided as a guide only and is accurate to the best of our knowledge.

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