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Supermarket Dishwasher Powder

Supermarket Dishwasher Powder

Plastic Free
Zero Waste

Alternative for: plastic-wrapped dishwasher powder or tablets

Supermarket own-brand dishwasher powder can be found in a cardboard box, making it 100% plastic-free. It often isn't eco-friendly but is a much more affordable alternative to plastic-wrapped dishwasher powder / tablets.

Packaging: cardboard box

End of Life: recyclable 

 Recommended by Isabel M.

"A easy plastic-free switch from plastic-wrapped dishwasher powder or tablets. You may found you don't need as much powder as recommended so could save yourself some money and still get a great wash."


  • 100% plastic-free
  • Found in Sainsbury's and Waitrose
  • Can work out cheaper per wash than their own-brand tablets


  • Powder is not eco-friendly
    (For eco-friendly plastic-free dishwasher tablets see Ecoleaf or trying making your own)


I only use 15g per load, rather than the recommended 40g. I live in a hard water area and find that using a smaller amount has made no difference to the performance of my dishwasher - I have tested both the Sainsbury's and Waitrose powders.

For the Sainsbury's powder, this works out at 4.5p per wash verses 8p for one of the Sainsbury's dishwasher tablets. 

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Tips to save resources when using your dishwasher:

  • Scrap food off plates rather than pre-rinsing
  • Only turn the machine on when full
  • If you dishwasher has an 'eco' setting use this, or use a lower temperature

This information is provided as a guide only and is accurate to the best of our knowledge.

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