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Plastic-free Laundry Soapnuts by Living Naturally

Plastic-free Laundry Soapnuts by Living Naturally

Plastic Free
Vegan Friendly
Save Money
Zero Waste

Alternative for: bottled laundry detergent liquid

Soapnuts are a natural way to do your laundry. Despite the name, these are not actually nuts but a dried fruit from the lychee family grown in India. They contain saponin, a natural soap.

Packaging: Cardboard tube

End of Life: Biodegradable, suitable for home composting or food waste collection bin

 Recommended by Katie

"I've been using soapnuts for about 9 months now after a friend told me about them and I was intrigued - I wanted to try them as a gentler option to traditional laundry liquid as my skin is sensitive."


  • 100% plastic-free
  • 100% Organic and non-toxic, so there are no nasty chemicals on your clothes or being washed down the drain
  • Fragrance-free 
  • Suitable for those with sensitive skin including young children and those with nut allergies (as these are actually dried fruit)
  • Suitable for all types of washing machine, all fabric types (including cloth nappies) and washes from 30-90 degrees*
  • Certified by the Vegan Society


  • TBC


I bought my soapnuts for £7.99 and they should last for 108 washes (7.4p per wash).

The laundry liquid I was buying before cost £7.99 for 38 washes (12p per wash).

Where to Buy...

Available online from Living Naturally


  • How to use:
    • Pop 6-8 soapnuts into a muslin bag and put directly into the washing machine drum. Each soapnut can be used for 3-4 washes - it doesn't matter if the soapnut breaks up during the wash, it can still be used again. 
    • As soapnuts don't have a smell, if you like a fragranced-wash, then add 10-15 drops of lemon essential oil via the tray to get that fresh washing smell. Essential oils are readily available in glass bottles, including online from The Soapery.
    • When washing whites, add 2 tbsp of soda crystals to the drum before washing. Find out more about soda crystals at who also sell plastic-free soda crystals in a box. Plastic-free soda crystals are also available online from The Green Boutique
  • *To use on a cooler wash, first put the soapnuts in a bowl of hot water first for 3 mins and then add this, along with the soapnut, to the drum
  • There is a guide to using soapnuts on the Living Naturally website. This includes a guide to making your own laundry liquid from the soapnuts.
  • Living Naturally also make plastic-free beauty balms which make great moisturisers 

This information is provided as a guide only and is accurate to the best of our knowledge.

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