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Reusable Toothbrush with changeable heads by Lamazuna
Reusable Toothbrush with changeable heads by Lamazuna
Reusable Toothbrush with changeable heads by Lamazuna

Reusable Toothbrush with changeable heads by Lamazuna

Reduce Plastic
Cruelty Free
Vegan Friendly
Zero Waste

Alternative for: plastic toothbrush

This bioplastic toothbrush by French company Lamazuna is sold in the UK by the Plastic Change Project.

Bioplastic is a very complex topic, but after some research we have chosen to include this toothbrush in our library of alternatives to reduce plastic waste.

The design, manufacturing and end-of-life of this toothbrush have all been carefully considered by Lamazuna and they have demonstrated how it is possible to rethink plastic; to close the loop and make a more sustainable product. This is a truly zero waste toothbrush.

The reusable handles are made in France. The recyclable heads are made in Italy.

Packaging: cardboard

End of Life: 

  • product: can be returned to the Plastic Change Project for recycling
  • packaging : recyclable / compostable 
 Recommended by Isabel M.

"For those who have struggled to find a suitable bamboo toothbrush, this toothbrush may be an alternative that still lets you reduce plastic waste while also maintaining healthy teeth and gums."


  • Great alternative if you've had trouble finding a comfortable bamboo toothbrush
  • Both the brush handle and the heads can be returned by freepost to the Plastic Change Project for recycling. The handles are recycled by Lamazuna to create new ones.
  • Unlike bamboo toothbrushes where it is difficult to recycle the nylon bristles, the changeable heads on the Lamazuna toothbrush are recycled via a Terracycle scheme 
  • Lamazuna have worked hard to make this product as carbon neutral as possible
  • 2% of profits are donated to a reforestation project in the Amazon rainforest, and so far they have planted over 4,500 trees
  • Suitable for Vegans


  • This toothbrush handle is made from bioplastic (70% castor oil, 30% plastic) so still contains some plastic
  • The toothbrush heads are made from an ABS base with nylon-6 bristles



Handle costs £8 (plus shipping)

Head refill packs costs £9.99 (plus shipping)

Where to Buy...

Available with soft or medium bristles. 

Buy handle and refill packs online from Plastic Change Project

Or you can buy direct from Lamazuna (the website is available in French and Italian only)


  • It is recommended that you change the head every 3 months - just unclip the old head and clip in the new one. 

This information is provided as a guide only and is accurate to the best of our knowledge.

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