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Zero Plastic Hero is a knowledge base built by a community of aspiring zero plastic heroes. Here, you can learn about the impact of plastic and how to manage it; find alternatives to plastic products and share your ideas with others.

We want to make it easier for everyone to reduce their plastic footprint with a collection of tried and tested alternatives. These products, DIY ideas and waste-reducing tips are readily available, practical and some will even save you money. We also try to promote UK-produced, sustainable and cruelty-free products.


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Reducing plastic waste can be very time-consuming and confusing. Here, we aim to make it easier by recommending alternatives to many common single-use plastic items that we have tried and tested. We try to answer the question of just how free from plastic alternatives really are.

We are not anti-plastic. As a material, plastic has life-saving properties and alternatives often have a higher carbon footprint or environmental impact. However we oppose the unnecessary use of plastic and the throwaway attitude promoted by the availability of so much single-use plastic.

We want more manufacturers and retailers to take responsibility by choosing the most sustainable materials available and considering what happens once their products and packaging become waste. We believe that a closed-loop approach, whereby the materials used in products can be recovered and reused indefinitely, is the only way to make our consumption more sustainable.

We have chosen to include alternatives in our library which contain plastic because they provide a significant reduction in plastic waste. In reality, to live 100% plastic-free is almost impossible - even jam jars, a common alternative to plastic containers, have a plastic coating on the inside of the lid - and occasionally plastic really is the best material for the job, but a lot of plastic is unnecessary. 

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There is a rapidly growing community of people working hard to reduce their plastic footprint. Let's use the experience of those already on the journey to reduce plastic waste to help others.

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Zero Plastic Hero does not sell any products; it is designed as a reference tool. Where we do recommend a buyable product we include advice on where the product can be bought or the details of the manufacturer. 

We are not paid to promote products. We want to recommend alternatives because they work not because a company paid us. Any paid-for content is marked as 'sponsored'.

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