Affordable swaps - Recycle your aerosols

Affordable swaps - Recycle your aerosols

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Did you know that these can be recycled?

Many local authorities in the UK offer recycling collection for aerosols, including kerbside collection.

While not totally plastic-free, for items like deodorant, swapping to an aerosol deodorant might be a good way to reduce your plastic waste.

Many plastic-free deodorants, while they may be better for your health, are often more expensive or have a high upfront cost. Switching to a container which is at least recyclable might be a good affordable option.

Aerosols are made from either tinplated steel or aluminium. They should be completely empty before recycling and any lids should be removed.

Try to find a 'compressed' aerosol option to reduce CO2 emissions.

And look for designs that don't have a separate plastic lid - or if they do take these to your local LUSH store for recycling.

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