Bamboo Toothbrush by Save Some Green
Bamboo Toothbrush by Save Some Green
Bamboo Toothbrush by Save Some Green

Bamboo Toothbrush by Save Some Green

Reduce Plastic
Vegan Friendly
Home Compostable

Alternative for: Plastic toothbrush

This is the best bamboo toothbrush we've tried and the most affordable. It is made from 100% Genuine Panda (and Vegan) friendly bamboo handles with BPA-free nylon-4 bristles, and from £1.75 per brush this is one of the best value bamboo toothbrushes available in the UK. 

Packaging: Wrapper is recycled paper. Shipped in paper envelopes or cardboard.

End of Life:

  • Reuse old bamboo toothbrushes for cleaning (after sterilising)
  • Or once it’s really used, pull the bristles out with pilers (these should be put in general waste) and either put the handle in your compost bin or use it for some sort of craft project!
  • Packaging is recyclable 
 Recommended by Isabel M.

"After trying several different brands, I've found the brushes by Save Some Green to be the best and most affordable. The heads aren't too big so don't shred the inside of your cheeks and the range of brush head types includes my preferred firm brush."


  • They stock a range of brush head types including firm and brushes for kids
  • Made from Moso bamboo which is grown without fertilisers or pesticides
  • Suitable for Vegans
  • Bamboo wood is naturally anti-bacterial 


  • The handle design is quite basic so not as ergonomic as a plastic toothbrush
  • Almost all toothbrushes, including bamboo brushes, have nylon bristle. These brushes have bristles made from Nylon-4 and are not truly biodegradable. The used bristles should go in the general waste as they are too small to recycle. 


From £1.75 per toothbrush (if bought in bulk) which is much closer to the £1-£1.50 I used to spend on plastic toothbrushes and cheaper than many other bamboo brushes

    Where to Buy...

    Direct from manufacturer Save Some Green.


    • To reduce risk of mould, store your toothbrush in a stand or hooks rather than a pot so that the handle can dry out between use
    • It's time to replace your brush when the bristles start to curve (every 1-4 months)
    • For more ideas on what to do with your old bamboo toothbrush see Bamwoo Bamboo Blog
    • For more bamboo toothbrush options check out this article in the Independent

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