'It's Magic!' Makeup Remover Cloth by W7
'It's Magic!' Makeup Remover Cloth by W7

'It's Magic!' Makeup Remover Cloth by W7

Reduce Plastic
Save Money

Alternative for: disposable make up remover / facial wipes

Soft and quick to use, this 'magic' cloth by W7 Make Up will make removing make up easy and could save you money when compared with disposable wipes and cleansers.

Packaging: plastic case with plastic bag liner

End of Life: TBC

 Recommended by Rebecca S.

"These magic make-up removers are amazing. You just wet them and they take off all your makeup, even mascara. I'm not entirely sure how they work - witchcraft I expect."


  • No need for any make up remover - just add water 
  • Will remove even waterproof mascara 
  • Suitable for those with sensitive skin - no nasty stinging 
  • If switching from disposable wipes this will significantly reduce your waste and save you money 
  • Can go in the washing machine


  • The packaging! There is simply too much unnecessary packaging.
  • Made from polyester, a synthetic fabric made of plastic 


Between £3-£8 depending on retailer, so it is worth shopping around. 

Where to Buy...

Available online direct from W7 Make Up and from Amazon 


  • To use, rinse in warm water and wipe. No need for any cleansers or soap. Rinse after use, using a little soap if you’ve removed a lot of make up.
  • Machine wash every so often - it’s best to do this with your towel wash. They can be washed up to 60 degrees and shouldn’t be washed with fabric conditioner.
  • If you have a Guppy bag, add this cloth to the bag before putting in the washing machine 
  • The cloth is about the same size as a face cloth / flannel
  • W7 are a UK-based make up company. They have a strict no animal testing policy for all their products.

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