Paper-stemmed Cotton Wool Buds
Paper-stemmed Cotton Wool Buds

Paper-stemmed Cotton Wool Buds

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Alternative for: plastic-stemmed cotton wool buds

These cotton buds are plastic-free but they come in a very plastic box or bag. They are, however, much more affordable than the 100% plastic-free cotton buds we've tired so far.

To reduce the impact of the plastic packaging you could give the plastic box a second life by reusing it or, for the buds from Sainsbury's available in a plastic bag, remove the string and recycle at bag collection points in larger supermarkets.

Packaging: plastic box or plastic bag

End of Life: product biodegradable / plastic packaging reusable or recyclable


  • With paper-stems, there is less plastic than regular cotton wool buds, and should the buds later become litter they are less harmful to the environment and marine life than their plastic counter-part.


  • Plastic box or bag


For a pack of 300 prices range between 55p to £1.05. This is significantly cheaper than the 100% plastic-free buds we've tried and seen.

Where to Buy...

Paper-stemmed buds available in a plastic box:

Paper-stemmed buds available in a plastic bag:


  • For 100% plastic-free cotton buds, try Hydrophil

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