Plastic-Free Baby & Kids Bottle by Pura
Plastic-Free Baby & Kids Bottle by Pura
Plastic-Free Baby & Kids Bottle by Pura

Plastic-Free Baby & Kids Bottle by Pura

Plastic Free

Alternative for: baby bottles and kids straw cups made of plastic.

Pura make a range of stainless steel bottles 100% free from plastic. This bottle adapts as the child grows with a system of changeable lids. There are teats for infants (with range of flow rates), sipper spouts for toddlers and straw tops for bigger kids.

Packaging: cardboard box

End of Life: recyclable with scrap metals 

 Recommended by Isabel M.

"I bought this for my 2 year old after the straw on his plastic cup split and the manufacture doesn’t sell replacements (grrr). He is very happy with the new bottle and has actually been better at drinking more water, but that may change once the novelty of a new bottle wears off!"


  • 100% plastic free (No BPA or other nasties)
  • All silicone parts are made from medical grade silicone, a natural material and doesn’t contain any plastic or latex 
  • Certified non-toxic by
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • With a range of top designs available one bottle can be used for all stages, and for babies there is a vented teat bottle top to help with colic
  • Replacement tops are available
  • Can be used with an electric bottle warmer 
  • All stainless steel components are covered by a limited lifetime warranty 


  • The bottle comes with a silicone travel cover to go over the straw / teat top. This isn’t attached to the bottle so could get lost.
  • It is recommended that the silicone sleeve is removed once per week for washing. It is pretty tricky getting it on and off, but is easier with the suggested drop of washing up liquid.
  • Bottles will be very hot after sterilising and can NOT be sterilised in the microwave 
  • Made in China 


Guide price for bottles £15-25 with replacement / additional tops and accessories around £5. This does make the bottles an expensive investment, but this is somewhat offset by the fact that one bottle can be used through all stages. 

Where to Buy...

Available in a range of size and colours. We have the 325ml (11oz) bottle and there is a smaller 150ml (5oz) bottle.

Buy online direct from Pura, or online from Kidly

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