Plastic-free Bubble Bath Brush by Lush
Plastic-free Bubble Bath Brush by Lush
Plastic-free Bubble Bath Brush by Lush

Plastic-free Bubble Bath Brush by Lush

Plastic Free
Cruelty Free
Zero Waste

Alternative for: bubble bath in plastic bottle

After thinking that bubble bath would be something we'd need to ask the toddler to give up for good, this plastic-free bubble wand from Lush does enable bubble fun. While nobody NEEDS bubble bath, it is nice to find a plastic-free option.

Packaging: none

End of Life: biodegradable / wooden stick reusable & compostable

 Recommended by Isabel M.

"This bubble bath does provide the desired bubbles but they can fade quickly. The use of synthetic ingredients means that I am reluctant to use regularly for smaller children."


  • 100% plastic-free
  • Comes on a lollypop-type stick making it easier to run the bar under the tap without it becoming slippy
  • Product and ingredients are not tested on animals


  • Contains synthetic ingredients including synthetic colours, which seems unnecessary - it is VERY yellow!
  • Contains SLS - that’s what makes the foam
  • I’ve not quite worked out the best option for storing after use - probably on a saucer is best 


£5.59 per 100g making it much more expensive than bubble bath in a plastic bottle, however as it is more concentrated it may last longer  

Where to Buy...

Available in a variety of flavours from Lush


  • Be careful not to leave the wet Bubble Brush Brush on anything which might be easily stained as the colours are very vibrant

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