Plastic-free Milk from the local milkman
Plastic-free Milk from the local milkman

Plastic-free Milk from the local milkman

Plastic Free
Zero Waste

Alternative for: milk in plastic bottles

If you use cow's milk, getting a milkman is an easy plastic-free switch. Glass bottles are returned to the milkman for reuse and the tops are recyclable. 

Packaging: Glass bottle with foil top

End of Life: Glass bottles reused, aluminium foil top can be recycled


  • 100% plastic free
  • Milkmen can often deliver other plastic-free items including orange juice and yogurt


  • Remembering to cancel a delivery if you are away
  • 1 pint bottles take up more room in the fridge than multi-pint plastic bottles 


  • About twice the price per pint compared to supermarket milk there is a premium for plastic-free and the convenience of waking up to milk on your doorstep
  • However having milk delivered regularly has saved me from last minute trips to the shop and stopped me buying other things just because I’m there

Where to Buy...

Find your local milkman

There are also milk refill stations available around the country which allow you to take your own containers. Check out the map of refill stations created by The Beeswax Wrap Company Ltd


  • Most milkmen will deliver before 7am and offer 2 or 3 deliveries days per week
  • Before switching, keep track of the number of pints of milk your household use over a week so you can better schedule deliveries
  • You could also make a mini beeswax wrap for the top of your open milk bottle to replace the foil lid if it gets too fiddly to put back on or try reusable bottle lids by MOOPOPS

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