Plastic-free Recycled Toilet Paper by Who Gives a Crap
Plastic-free Recycled Toilet Paper by Who Gives a Crap
Plastic-free Recycled Toilet Paper by Who Gives a Crap

Plastic-free Recycled Toilet Paper by Who Gives a Crap

Plastic Free
Supports good causes
Zero Waste

Alternative for: plastic-wrapped loo roll

Recycled toilet paper has often gets a bad rap, but once you look at the volume of resources used to make regular toilet paper just so you can wipe your bum and flush it away recycled paper might not look so bad. 

Who Gives A Crap have created a 100% recycled 3-ply toilet tissue that is shipped in paper wrappers in a cardboard box. 

Packaging: Paper wrappers, cardboard box

End of Life: Loo paper biodegradable. All packaging is reusable and recyclable (the paper wrappers make cute wrapping paper). 

 Recommended by Isabel M.

"We are very happy with our switch to WGAC 100% recycled loo roll: no more plastic packaging, no more trees, a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that 50% of profits go to building toilets AND pretty paper ready to help Santa with the wrapping! Finding storage for a delivery of 48 rolls can be a challenge though."


  • 100% plastic-free
  • 100% recycled - made from recycled books and office paper
  • 100% biodegradable 
  • Zero trees
  • Zero air miles
  • Zero inks, dyes or scents 
  • Double length rolls last longer
  • 50% of their profits go to help build toilets!


  • These are manufactured in China which means quite a long journey, however all the recycled material is sourced from China and the new loo rolls are shipped via sea
  • Based on a bulk-buy subscription model this makes the initial ticket price is quite high, however we found the loo rolls last longer than the supermarket recycled rolls
  • The rolls come individually wrapped in paper. This might seem wasteful and WGAC have put a lot of thought into packaging options. The best option would be to save wrappers and reuse them before recycling - such as for funky wapping paper! If you'd prefer to avoid the individual wrappers take a look at the 'naked' rolls from Greencane.


  • 18.8p per 100 sheets
  • Same price per sheet as supermarket recycled loo paper, without the plastic wrapper

Where to Buy...

Available in boxes of 24 or 48 rolls direct from Who Gives A Crap


  • Who Gives A Crap also sell plastic-free kitchen towel. They also sell tissues but when we last ordered these the tissues boxes included a plastic film around the opening
  • If you sign up to a subscription, you can easily manage the date of your next delivery and they will send you reminders via email
  • We found that a box of 48 lasted 2 adults about 5 months

This information is provided as a guide only and is accurate to the best of our knowledge.

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