Plastic-free Toilet Paper by Greencane

Plastic-free Toilet Paper by Greencane

Plastic Free
Zero Waste

Alternative for: plastic-wrapped loo rolls

This sustainable toilet paper by Greencane is made from 70% sugarcane (recycled) and bamboo and 30% sustainable wood pulp. Due to popular demand, they now ship a box of 48 'naked' loo rolls (i.e. no wrappers) further reducing waste.

Packaging: cardboard box

End of Life: recyclable


  • 100% plastic-free (when bought 'naked')
  • Toilet paper is made from a mix of recycled and sustainable material - more details
  • Shipped without plastic wrappers, or individual wrappers
  • Free from plastics, inks, perfumes, GMOs and BPA, septic safe and fast biodegradable


  • Manufactured and shipped from SE Asia so this loo roll has a long way to travel
  • Paper includes 30% wood pulp. While this is sustainably sourced, it still means that trees are being used to manufacture this paper. For a 100% recycled plastic-free toilet paper see Who Gives A Crap


Box of 48 costs £25.50, making it 52.5p per roll, or 62p per roll including shipping.

Where to Buy...

Buy direct online from Greencane

Image from brand website.

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