Plastic-Free Whole & Dried Foods Tips
Plastic-Free Whole & Dried Foods Tips
Plastic-Free Whole & Dried Foods Tips

Plastic-Free Whole & Dried Foods Tips

Plastic Free

Food is one of the largest contributors to our plastic footprint. Plastic-free supermarket shopping is still quite difficult even after you switch to buying loose fruit and veg, take you own containers and get to know the tin and frozen aisles well. 

There are more and more independent stores offering zero waste foods. Here are some tips on finding them. 

These options may not be suitable for everyone, especially those with allergies and food intolerances due to risk of cross-contamination. 

Local Zero Waste Stores

For your nearest zero waste store check out

Plastic Free Pantry (online) 

Offering a wide range of products including grains, pastas, nuts, dried fruits, spices, tea, sugar and more. All shipped in non-plastic packaging. They offer buying group feature enabling you to reduce costs by buying in bulk and sharing shipping costs.

 Recommended by Isabel M.

"I've received 2 orders from Plastic Free Pantry so far. The majority of packaging is paper bags shipped in a cardboard box. Some items, like sultanas, are shipped in compostable bioplastic bags, although they have been looking at a reusable packaging solution. Some things are more expensive, especially if you don’t normally buy organic, but I found some, like the dried apple rings, were actually cheaper that packaged from the supermarket."

Holland & Barrett

They often have dried fruits and nuts available without packaging -store finder

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