Refill Cleaning & Laundry Products by SESI

Refill Cleaning & Laundry Products by SESI

Plastic Free
Made in the UK
Cruelty Free
Vegan Friendly
Zero Waste

Alternative for: cleaning products which contain harmful chemicals and/or are packaged in plastic

Oxford-based company SESI make a range of eco-friendly cleaning products including:

  • dishwasher powder
  • surface cleaner
  • toilet cleaner
  • washing up liquid
  • laundry powder
  • laundry liquid

Packaging: take your own

End of Life: all ingredients are biodegradable, and you can reuse your container next time


  • Just buy as much as you need - products are sold by volume (ml) or weight
  • While this range of cleaning products are not truly plastic-free as they are supplied to retailers in plastic drums and containers, these cleaners are plastic waste free. SESI have created a circular economy - once used their containers are collected from retailers to be used again and again by SESI. This helps reduces the carbon footprint of suppling the cleaning products to stores as well as significantly reducing plastic waste. This solution has been marked as plastic-free as it creates not plastic waste for the end consumer and SESI have taken responsibility for the plastic which is used.
  • Ingredients are eco-friendly and Vegan-friendly
  • Products are cruelty-free


  • In some areas there aren't many zero waste stores which may make this brand hard to find



Where to Buy...

Find your local stockist on the SESI website, then pop along with your own container and fill up! 


  • Glass jars are a great reusable item for these cleaners, but you can take anything including your old cleaning bottles

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