Washable Sanitary Pads by Cheeky Wipes
Washable Sanitary Pads by Cheeky Wipes
Washable Sanitary Pads by Cheeky Wipes

Washable Sanitary Pads by Cheeky Wipes

Reduce Plastic

Alternative for: disposable sanitary towels

Finding a 100% plastic-free reusable sanitary towel has proven difficult, so these cotton pads from Cheeky Wipes are a pretty good effort. As with most reusable pads they include a waterproof laminated cotton layer (which will be a form of plastic) and these ones also have plastic poppers. However reusable pads significantly reduce waste and are more healthy than plastic sanitary products.

Packaging: shipped in bioplastic polybags

End of Life: Remove the laminated layer and poppers for general waste. The cotton layers can be composted.

 Recommended by Isabel M.

"I wasn't keen on switching to reusable pads and the first month I didn't enjoy them at all, however now several months in I have almost got a routine which works for me and have found my periods have become lighter."


  • Can be reused many times significantly reducing waste
  • Healthier than plastic sanitary products and less sweaty!


  • These pads cannot be tumble dried 
  • Include plastic poppers
  • Pads can move around more in your knickers than sticky plastic sanitary products, but as the pads are bigger I've had no leaks
  • Shipped in bioplastic polybags (last ordered Oct 2018)


Available from £4.30, switching to reusable pads is a significant upfront investment.

Based on an average of 22 sanitary products per cycle, that could save you around £40 per year spent on disposables. [Source: BBC]

Where to Buy...

Various sizes and patterns are available online direct from Cheeky Wipes

NOTE: Cheeky Wipes also sell reusable pads made of 'minky' which is a manmade material - look for cotton pads.


  • The number of pads you will need will depend on flow and how often you plan to wash the pads. I find it easier to just wash once at the end of my period and for this I need around 18-20 pads. 
  • Care routine: Once used, rinse with COLD water to reduce staining and store in tub filled with water and a couple drops of tea tree oil.
  • Wash at 20 degrees on a long cycle with laundry detergent, or equivalent (I’ve washed successfully washed mine using an Ecoegg). You can add a stain remover if you wish.
  • Do NOT use fabric conditioner: this will reduce the absorbency of the pads.
  • Air dry. Do NOT tumble dry.
  • When on the go, cold rinse the used pad and store in a wet bag until you get home.
  • To remove staining try a salt water soak and leave to dry in the sun after washing. 

This information is provided as a guide only and is accurate to the best of our knowledge.

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