Washable Swim Nappy by TotsBots
Washable Swim Nappy by TotsBots
Washable Swim Nappy by TotsBots

Washable Swim Nappy by TotsBots

Reduce Plastic

Alternative for: disposable swim nappies for babies and toddlers

A reusable swim nappy has the potential to significantly reduce waste and save you money. This nappy from TotsBots is also much easier to put on than a disposable swim nappy and it's simple to wash before the next swim - you don't have to be using cloth nappies the rest of the time to make this an easy switch. 

Packaging: None

End of Life: TBC

 Recommended by Isabel M.

"I wish we'd discovered these earlier in our baby's swimming career. Soft and comfortable, this nappy is also really easy to care for and fits under the required neoprene 'happy nappy' our swimming lessons require. Luckily we have not had to test its ability to contain number 2s, but I'm pretty confident that the leg cuffs would catch anything."


  • Easy to use, even if you are using disposable nappies the rest of the time
  • Comfortable fit for baby and quick put on and take off - we've found these easier than disposable swim nappies 
  • There's no need for a nappy liner 
  • Suitable for use under a 'happy nappy' (or similar neoprene nappy layer) for pool which require a double nappy system
  • These nappies come in 2 sizes and can be used for babies from 10lb  / 4.5kg
  • Suitable for both the pool and the beach, this nappy will save space in your holiday suitcase 
  • Free from neoprene (synthetic rubber) making it more comfortable to wear 


  • This nappy is not plastic-free. They are made of polyester (a plastic synthetic fabric), however they will significantly reduce the waste created by disposable swim nappies which are made of plastic. 


This reusable nappy costs £10.99 direct from TotsBots. 

Before we discovered the reusable swim nappy, we were using Huggies Little Swimmers, which are ~45.8p per nappy (when not on offer) which means that I have to reuse this nappy 24 times to break even. As we swim almost every week that makes this an affordable change, and the nappy can be passed on once we've out grown it. 

Where to Buy...

Available in 2 sizes: 10-20lb / 4.5-9kg and 20-35lb / 9-16kg

Buy direct from TotsBots 


  • Wash at 40 degrees. Air dry. Do not tumble dry. Do not use fabric conditioner. 
  • I wash the nappy with the swimming towels, or will wash with other nappies / wet wipes
  • Other brands of reusable swim nappy are available, so if this particular one isn't for you there may be an alternative which will also help you reduce plastic waste. 
  • Tips on switching to regular cloth nappies 

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