Water in a Can by CanO Water

Water in a Can by CanO Water

Plastic Free

Alternative for: single-use plastic drinking bottle

CanO Water make water for on the go in drinks cans.

Packaging: aluminium can (made of an average of 68% recycled material)

End of Life: recycle with drinks cans


  • If you've forgotten your refillable water bottle, this is a plastic-free option available at some high street stores and supermarkets in the UK
  • Cans are made using 68% recycled material 
  • The shape of drinks cans makes transporting this water more efficient than bottled water
  • Cans are easy to recycle once used with collections in most areas of the UK. They can be used to make new cans indefinitely meaning the aluminium resource is not lost to waste. This is very different to PET plastic bottles where just 7% are recycled into new plastic bottles (data 2016); PET is mainly ‘downcycled’ into things like fabric for fleeces, where as aluminium drinks cans can be recycled again and again into new cans.


  • Packaging is single-use and has little reuse value at home
  • There are 2 versions of the can. One is a regular can, the other comes with a resealable lid which may be useful, but is made from plastic. According to Cano Water's website this will be removed during the recycling process and disposed of in general waste, however those who have tried removing the clip prior to recycling have been unable to do so manually.
  • Aluminium drinks cans still require around 30% new aluminium. Extraction of the bauxite ore needed to make aluminium is environmentally destructive. This means the best sustainable option remains the reusable bottle.


£1 per 500ml can

Where to Buy...

Available from Tesco and WHSmith stores 

Or as a 24 pack online direct from CanO Water

This information is provided as a guide only and is accurate to the best of our knowledge.

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